The Mysterious Influence


Everything began one typical Friday afternoon; you were driving  home, when you heard on the radio a fact like any other: In a remote small village, 3 people have died; you don’t really pay attention to that event.  Monday morning when you wake up, the radio announces that it’s not 3 people anymore but 30,000 who died in India.

Researchers from the Health Control of the United States start conducting a survey.

Tuesday, it is the biggest news on the first page of all the newspapers, because it is not only India anymore, but also of Pakistan, of Afghanistan, and Iran, and everyone is speaking about it by naming it: “the mysterious influence” and all wondering: “How will it be controlled?”

Then breaking news surprises everyone: Europe has closed its borders; there won’t be any more back and forth movement from India or any other country where the disease would have been noticed. When the journalist questions a French woman, she reports that her husband is dying of this “mysterious influence”.

This causes panic in Europe, the latest news report that when you catch this disease, you do not realize that you have it and you remain with only a week or so until you die. England then also closes its borders, and the US president as well until the remedy is found.

The following day, people meet in the church and pray for the researchers that they may be able find a cure. On the next day the radio announces that 2 women contracted the disease in New York. It now seems that the disease is present in the whole world. The scientists continue to research for an antidote but without success. Suddenly, the long awaited news arrive: they have deciphered the DNA code of the virus, they can finally make an antidote but they need the blood of somebody who was not infected by the virus and so in all the countries people start going to the nearest hospital to get tested and donate blood.

You also go to the hospital with your family, and your neighbors are wondering: “Is this the end of the world?” Suddenly the doctor shouts a name which he read on his register, and there, your junior son tells you: “Dad, He shouted my name!”, before you can react, your son leaves with male nurses and you shout: “Wait”, and they answer you: “All is well, his blood is pure, his blood is clean, we believe that he has the correct type of blood.”

After 5 minutes, the doctors leave the room while laughing and crying. It is the first time in one week that you see somebody laughing, and the doctor approaches you, and tells you:” Thank you , the blood of your son is perfect, it can be used to make the antidote against the disease!!” The news now spreads and everyone cries of joy. The doctor approaches you and your wife, and asks: “Can I speak to you for a moment? We did not know that the donor would be a child; therefore we require that you sign this contract to give us the permission to use his blood. ”

While reading the contract, you notice that it does not specify the quantity of blood necessary; and then you ask: “How much blood will you take?” The smile of the doctor disappears, and he says: “we did not think that it would be a child, we need all his blood”. You don’t believe it, and you try to argue: “but, but…” and the doctor says: “You do not understand, it is a cure for the whole world, please, sign, we need all blood…” And you ask: “but can’t he have a blood transfusion?” And there he answers that the child is the only one to have pure blood and that it is thus impossible. “Will you sign????? Please, sign!” and so in silence and trembling, you sign.

The following week, while there is the burial ceremony of your son, some people remain in their bed to be sleep, others prefer outward journey to walk, or to play football, go drinking and clubbing, just celebrating!! You feel like howling at them from there: “My son died for you all and yet you do not make anything of it?!!?”

Sometimes this is what God would like to tell us: “My son died for you and you still do not know how much I love you?”

It’s amazing to see how easy and simple it is for people to reject God and then to wonder why the world goes from evil to worse;

It’s amazing to see that one believes all that the newspapers and the TV tell us, and yet doubts the Word of God;

It is amazing to see how much time we spend accumulating terrestrial goods, and yet fail to spend even 5 minutes seeking the celestial treasures;

It’s amazing to see somebody who says “I believe in a God” and yet by his actions acts contrary to his previous confession;

It’s amazing how one sends so many e-mail about jokes but that when sending  an e-mail which speaks about God, hesitates so much before sending it;

It’s amazing how one can speak about vulgarity, lust, and obscenity with so much of freedom whereas it is forbidden in some countries, workplaces, schools to talk about GOD;

It’s amazing how  we are so often worried about what others think, and not about what God thinks of us;

You are probably wondering now what that” mysterious influence” is, right?

It is Sin. Sin is the sickness of the soul and the bible makes us to understand that once a person sins, they begin to die as it is written in Rom 5:12” Therefore, just as through one man SIN entered the world, and DEATH through sin, and thus spread to all men because all sinned.

You can also find more in Rom 6:23.

Now, Sin being the sickness of the soul, had condemned all of us to die. The only lasting solution is Jesus Christ. He had to die for us because He was the only one not infected meaning the only one who walked the earth but was without sin!! And as He died and gave His blood for you and I, it was so that we may live and not die.

To live, all that is required is to believe and receive this gift of life ( Rom 6: 23).The moment you believe in Him, you are cured!! In fact the bible says that Sin shall no longer have dominion over you!! You won’t be sick anymore but  will begin to have life; a life that is fulfilled and complete, peace, joy, contentment, rest, no worry, no anxiety, no depression…whatever the situation around you; you are guaranteed that you will not face it alone, but He is with you, He will see you through!!

And this, Jesus Christ is the standard of life!!!


Thank you for Reading!!!

The best is yet to come!!!



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