Funny Questions & Answers #3: This Will Crack You Up!!(Not Literally of course)

Where do computers go to relax?

  • The disco

How do you catch a vampire fish?

  • With bloodworms

What’s white and hard and prickly?

  • A skeleton that needs a shave

Why would one wish to have been born 200 years ago?

  • Because there wouldn’t have been so much history to learn at school !

What can you give a sickly robot?

  • Iron tablets

What’s the difference between someone in a hurry and someone wasteful?

  • One makes haste the other makes waste

Which part of the computer squeaks?

  • The mouse

Where do you take a sick bird?

  • To the casualty wing

How can you save a sick vampire?

  • Stick your neck out for him

Why do you have splinters on your hand?

  • I was leafing through the captain’s log

Why was Dracula kicked out of school?

  • He failed his end of term blood test

Why do wizards have fond memories of school?

  • They always come top in spelling


Teacher: “Why have you brought a fish into music?”

Student: “You said we were going to play scales today sir !”


Should you cycle to school on an empty stomach?

  • You could, but it would be easier on a bicycle

What happened to the man who discovered electricity?

  • He got a nasty shock

Did you hear about the cabbage whose neighbor won the lottery?

  • He was green with envy

Did you hear about the man who went to the doctor and told him he thought he was suitcase?

  • The doctor sent him packing

Did you hear about the burglar who was arrested in his shower?

  • He was trying to make a clean getaway

Why is it dangerous to tell jokes when you’re skating?

  • Because the ice might crack up

I would tell you the joke about the fence…

But I know you’d never get over it !

I would tell you the joke about the fruit bowl….

But you’d go bananas !

I would tell you the joke about the highly contagious disease….

But you’re sure to get it straight away !


😀      😀     😀     😀



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    1. I read the invitation to joining Millinaire’s Digest and i saw a particular part where it is written that one won’t be able to publish their own post until they reach a certain level. I wanna know what is required to be able to post freely? also i couldn’t find an email to send featured images to put on my posts.


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