A Life Centered On Giving


No one wants to be poor. I believe that every person from their tender age, when asked what they would like to become when older; none of them said something like:” when I grow old, I want to be poor or sick or a beggar”….we all had/have dreams of grandeur, dreams of becoming great personalities, successful in life, becoming somebody relevant and not just anybody. We all wanted to stand out and to be relevant in one way or the other.

We can say then that being poor or experience lack is never one’s plan/wish. It is something that’s ingrained into each person and we all feel it deep in our blood. Poverty is just something no one wants to ever have to experience.

Whether born in a financially stable family or not, a favorable environment or not, with any advantage at all or none; we all share this one trait: Nobody wants to experience lack.

Whilst that is true, we also have to acknowledge the fact that nobody chooses the circumstances of his/her birth. Nobody is given a choice as to where to be born, which family, which country…etc. already, the day we were born, we found ourselves in a certain place and under certain circumstances which were not always good or comfortable ones. Some were born into wealth and comfort, others didn’t; some were born into peaceful countries, others didn’t; some were born lucky, others were lucky to be born. Looking at all that and some, nobody really is to blame, the circumstances of our birth are not something we could ever control but we can choose to make the best of it.

My circumstances of birth were not at all ideal. I was born right smack in the middle of a political crisis, insecurity, poverty, and all the consequences that usually follow. I believe am one of those who were lucky to be born because everything seems to suggest that I ought not to have lived. And it had really marked my life, I felt scared all the time, never wanted to associate with people, I felt safer on my own than surrounded by people, I was as shy as I can probably imagine; I was someone who never wanted to be noticed at all. It was a really painful period of my life but as they say no matter the length of the storm, the sun will always rise again and so it was in midst of all that, I met some amazing, God sent people and my life was changed forever.

I met people who gave me the confidence that I needed to get out of my shell, out of my comfort zone; they made me realize that I wasn’t an accident on earth, that the circumstances of my birth were not what defined me, that I didn’t have to be a victim of my past which I couldn’t change either way; they made me realize that I had a choice, I alone not anyone or anything else chooses what happens to me, the person I am to become and for the first time in my life, I stepped out and embraced myself no longer defined by my past but by my own choices.

I want to let every person in the world know that, we don’t have to be defined and dependent on our past or painful circumstances; we have a choice to make. We can choose to become better, we can choose to make a positive impact on our society, and we can choose make history that people will read about for generations. Yes we can. We can choose to be the best version of ourselves, and when we finally give up the ghost, we’ll have spent all we had within us to give. I mean, Die Empty.

And that brings me to the title of this post; A life Centered on Giving.

After my rebirth (that’s how I like to call it), I realized that I had to give others what was given to me. This realization that we don’t have to go just go with the flow, follow others as they make their own stories but we have our own personal power, this ability to be so much more. Not victims but conquerors.

Every person has something to give. No matter how small, there’s someone out there who needs that little to live better. There’s nothing too small or insignificant. I have decided to live such a life. A life centered on Giving because my Father once told me that:” The beauty of life is not in having much possession but it is on making someone else happy.”  It means you haven’t really known how beautiful life can be if you haven’t yet impacted someone’s life and pushed them to the next level of their life, if you haven’t helped someone not expecting anything in return but just to see them living their best life. I was poor and now I’m not, I can say confidently that there’s much more joy in giving that in receiving when it’s done in a proper attitude.

I am encouraging you dear reader, in this New Year 2018; to make a deliberate decision to be a giver. Not only money but also your time, knowledge, smile, advice or counsel; there’s no such thing too little or insignificant.

If you need a good example of what I’m talking about; check out our organization called SUN. We have been doing it in our country Rwanda, abroad and we are always ready to expand our horizons and extend our hand of help.


‘Make someone happy today – that’s the beauty of life’





Those Who Add, Subtract, Divide and Multiply In Your Life

Surround yourself with people who make you happy, people who make you laugh, who help you when you’re in need. People who genuinely care. They are the ones worth keeping in your life. Everyone else is just passing through.’


Karl Marx


Somebody once said to me that most problems and pains that people face and experience in life can be traced back to one individual, when I heard that I looked at him funny and prepared myself to argue with that statement. I just couldn’t understand it. Like for example; sometimes I wake up with back pain; in that case, who is to blame? I’d say it’s the mattress (Joking), but on a serious note, it wasn’t making sense to me at that time.

As I kept thinking about that statement and trying to understand it, I came to an understanding that I want to share with you today and I believe that if you really consider what is coming next; you’ll find that it is true. It goes like this:

There are four different types of people/ relationships in each person’s life:

  1. Those who add
  2. Those who subtract
  3. Those who divide
  4. Those who multiply

Much like the four types of operations that we learnt in primary namely, addition, subtraction, division and multiplication; when it comes to life’s relationships the same still apply.

It is true that no man can make it alone. No one can do everything by himself or herself; we all need people, we all need someone to lend us a hand, to help us, to listen to us, to advise us, to teach us. No man is an island.

But in as much as we need others, not everyone adds and multiply to our lives, some divide and subtract and that’s the reality of life, wherever you find yourself; this is an unchangeable truth.

That’s what today’s quote is about, surround yourself with people who genuinely care, good people, people who not only come to you for what they can get from you but also for what they can give you. It may be in the form of an advice, a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, financial help or any other form of assistance.

And when you find such individual, keep them, bring them close to you, surround yourself with them and when that happens; you’ll find yourself living a higher life. I’m not saying there won’t be problems, difficult situations or even arguments but somehow someway, there’ll be reconciliation because there is genuine love and care and that hardship and trial will improve the relationship not impair it.

The best way to know a true friend who genuinely cares is when one of you is facing hard times; their response will indicate to you the state of their heart. I’m not saying that every person that helps you or who is of any assistance to you should be your friend; I’m saying that there is need to need to be careful in choosing your friends and the people you surround yourself with.

Bottom line: You want to live a higher life, make sure you surround yourself with the right people.



#12 Don’t Miss It

‘Opportunity is missed by most people, because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.’

Thomas Edison


I saw this quote the other day when I was reading a certain book and I agreed so much with it that I decided to share it here.

I have realized that in life, most opportunity that you’ll meet will not come in what I can call “a finished form” but there will be some work, effort or something that you’ll have to do to get something of value out of it. Is it a job opportunity? You’ll have to go through the necessary procedures to get it and even afterwards you’ll have responsibilities and duties to carry out. Is it a business opportunity? You’ll have to do market surveys, business plans and so many other plans in order to grasp that opportunity. Is it a school / scholarship opportunity? You’ll have to apply, do interviews, write essays and even when selected there starts the long journey of attending classes, presentations and exams.

Just think of any opportunity, there will always be work to be done, even when you meet a new person and there’s a friendship opportunity, there’ll be things to do so that the relationship grows into a friendship and maybe even more than that. Therefore, it is important that we realize that there so many opportunities around us and if we want to seize them, we must be willing to work for it.

The interesting thing is that: most people value more something for which they have worked  and tend to undervalue what is given to them freely.

I was reading a book the other by Rod Judkins titled: The Art Of Creative Thinking, and I found a story therein that can really help us understand how vital it is to seize every opportunity that comes our way. I quote:

“The Kellogg Company was transformed into a success by a counterintuitive decision by Will Keith Kellogg. In the late 1920s, Kellogg’s was one of the competitors in the packaged-cereal market. When the Depression struck, the other companies did the predictable thing: they reined in expenses and cut back on advertising. It was the accepted wisdom. In hard times, most firms invest less in research and development. They try to preserve what they have. That was rational. It made sense. Kellogg made an irrational decision: he doubled his advertising budget instead. The Great Depression was just getting started, but he reasoned that people still needed to eat, and the breakfast of choice for most Americans was “flakes and milk.” Kellogg’s accountants and financial advisers were pressuring him to make cuts, but Kellogg saw that he would never have such a huge competitive advantage again—and he was proven right, emerging as the market leader by the end of the Depression. Today, statistics show that companies that continue spending on advertising during recessions do significantly better than those that make big cuts. Despite the evidence, many firms continue to follow their emotions and cut advertising in hard times.”

When Kellogg saw an opportunity despite the fact that it was during a period of depression, he went for it. He wasn’t afraid of the hard work it would take, the risks that were present and against all odds he preserved and in the end it paid off.

Let’s ask ourselves these questions: How many opportunities have we missed because we thought the environment was not favorable? Or because there was just too much risk involved?  Because we were waiting for a more convenient time or it just didn’t feel like that was it?

Almost no opportunity will  come knocking on your door like pizza delivery, waiting for you to just dig in; and even in that instance, you have to use your own effort to eat the pizza. Meaning the pizza was delivered but it won’t eat itself or magically enter into your body without work being done in the form of using forks and plates to eat, chew and swallow. Don’t forget also that by eating it, you’re giving work to your body to digest it and extract what it needs to keep functioning. That’s a food opportunity that you seized in the form of a pizza.

Even the most normal and routine things in our everyday life require work. So don’t be lazy but get up and work. Work for the future you desire. In my experience, I have found that the most valuable things in life are found in rather uncomfortable places: gold, diamonds and precious stones are found underground, to get petrol, there has to be digging deep into the earth, sometimes even under oceans and so many other examples out there.

Your success depends on your own hard work, so let’s get up, get out and start working. I know it’s not going to easy and it will most likely be a bumpy ride but just believe in yourself, step out, open your eyes and decide to seize every opportunity that presents itself to you. If you’re wondering how to identify it; remember : It’s dressed in overalls and looks like work. Now that you know how to spot it, Don’t miss even a single one.

Here are a few quotes to help you on the way:

‘People become really remarkable when they start thinking that they can do things. When they believe in themselves, they have the first secret of success’

Norman Vincent Peale

‘You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.’

Wayne Gretzky

‘I am a great believer in luck and I find that the harder I work, the more luck I have’

Thomas Jefferson

‘You’ve got to get up every morning with determination if you’re going to go to bed with satisfaction’

George Horace Lorimer

‘If you have goals and determination, you have nothing. If you have goals and you take actions, you will have anything you want’

Thomas J. Vilord

‘Successful people in this world are those who get up and look for circumstances they want. If you can’t find them, then make them. ‘

George Bernard Shaw


God’s Speed!!!

5 Ways To Embrace Change: Start New Healthier Habits

Take a moment and cross your arms. Now, cross them in the opposite direction. Which way was more awkward?

If you thought crossing them the second time required more thought, you’re right. In fact, when you crossed them the first time, the signal came from a very different place in your brain than it did the second time.

Habits are the choices we make deliberately that at some point become automatic. They make up over 45 percent of what we do every day. Your brain is lazy. It doesn’t know the difference between a good habit and a bad habit. It just takes everything you repeatedly think, say, or do and turns it into a habit so it doesn’t have to work so hard.

When you crossed your arms the first time, your limbic system (the place that stores your memories and your habits) drove your actions. The second time you crossed your arms, the message came from the prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain responsible for higher level thinking and planning. Any new thought or behavior starts in the prefrontal cortex and eventually becomes habituated if we use it enough.

Most people resist change because it threatens their natural habit patterns. Whether it’s a new role, a new boss, a new car, a new diet or new routine, your brain has to work overtime to learn to adapt to the change. Unfortunately, it’s like the old saying goes, “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”

Navigating change, both personally and professionally, requires you to form new habits, and that requires some discomfort. The more ingrained you are in the old way of doing things, the longer it takes to form new habits. The good news is you can intentionally train yourself to think and behave in new ways. The more you do it, the easier it becomes to form new habits.

The next time you are trying to navigate change, keep these thoughts in mind.

  1. You can’t counter emotion with logic.

When we go through change, we often feel anxiety and fear of the unknown. Others may tell us that the change logically makes sense. Unfortunately, that does little to alleviate the discomfort associated with it. Give yourself time to process whatever emotions you are feeling. Get curious as to why you feel anxious or afraid. Don’t judge your feelings, just observe them. This is the first step to embracing change.

  1. Identify what’s in it for you.

Even when we know a change is for our own good, it’s easy to resist it, preferring our comfortable old habits. Take time to identify your W.I.I.F.M. (What’s In It For Me). This is your motivator and will keep you going through the discomfort. If you can’t identify a positive benefit, ask what loss or negative outcome you are trying to avoid.

  1. Identify barriers and proactively manage them.

Let’s say your goal is to get healthier. This might mean exercising more, eating better or getting enough sleep. Even though we know these are good for us, the barriers of time, money, laziness or life get in the way. Trying to eat better? Plan your meals so that you have healthy food options wherever you are. Too tired to go to the gym after work? Sleep in your gym clothes and wake up 30 minutes early to go for a walk. Too tired? Don’t worry; exercise will help you get better sleep.

  1. Surround yourself with the right people.

We all have energy drainers in our lives. These people are full of drama and stress. They are toxic and will make change extremely difficult. Identify the people in your life who drain your energy and distance yourself from them. Conversely, identify those who make you feel supported and spend more time with them.

  1. Keep the big picture in mind.

When we are approaching a change, it can seem daunting. When we’ve made it through to the other side, it’s easy to look back with perspective and call it growth. Keep this in mind as you encounter adversity, challenge, and change in your life. So far, you’ve navigated every change thrown your way. That’s a pretty good track record.

Remember, if you want to behave differently, you have to think differently. We can retrain our brains and form new habits. It just takes courage and the willingness to step outside our comfort zones. Change can be scary, but by taking some time to proactively manage the process, you can set yourself up for success.

There are also questions you can ask yourself to find out your character and habits. It’s like checking yourself up at the doctor’s office.  Believe that you can and you will surprise yourself.

Don’t fight change, Embrace it but only if it’s good for yourself.

Check out a book called  “52 strategies for life love and work” by ANNE GRADY.

The Best Is Always Yet To Come

The Power To Make Decisions


More than anything else, I believe it’s our decisions, not the conditions of our lives, which determine our destiny. You and I both know that there are people who were born with advantages: they’ve had genetic advantages, environmental advantages, family advantages, or relationship advantages. Yet you and I also know that we constantly meet, read, and hear about people who against all odds have exploded beyond the limitations of their conditions by making new decisions about what to do with their lives.

If you don’t make a decision about how you’re going to live, then you’ve already made a decision, haven’t you? You’re making a decision to be directed by the environment instead of shaping your own destiny.

Your life will change the day you determine not just what you’d like to have in your life or what you want to become, but when you decide who and what you are committed to having and being in your life. That’s a simple distinction, but a critical one.

Think for a moment. Is there a difference between being interested in something, and being committed to it? You bet there is! Many times people say things like, “Gosh, I really would like to make more money,” or “I’d like to be closer to my kids,” or “You know, I’d really like to make a difference in the world.” But that kind of statement is not a commitment at all. It’s merely stating a preference, saying, “I’m interested in having this happen, if I don’t have to do anything.” *That’s not power! It’s a weak prayer made without even the faith to launch it.*

*Not only do you have to decide what results you are committed to, but also the kind of person that you’re committed to becoming. *

Even if it all goes wrong, even if no one gives you the support that you need,* you still must stay committed to your decision that you will live your life at the highest level.*Unfortunately, most people never do this because they’re too busy making excuses. The reason they haven’t achieved their goals or are not living the lives they desire is because of the way their parents treated them, or because of the lack of opportunities that they experienced in their youth, or because of the education they missed, or because they’re too old, or because they’re too young. All of these excuses are nothing but B.S. (Belief Systems)! And they’re not only limiting, they’re destructive.

*You must know that you can make a new decision right now that will immediately change your life—a decision about a habit you’ll change or a skill that you’ll master, or how you’ll treat people, or a call that you’ll now make to someone you haven’t spoken to in years*. You could make a decision right now to enjoy and cultivate the most positive emotions that you deserve to experience daily. Is it possible you might choose more joy or more fun or more confidence or more peace of mind?  Make the decision now that can send you in a new, positive, and powerful direction for growth and happiness.

“Nothing can resist the human will that will stake even its existence on its stated purpose.”


Your life changes the moment you make a new, congruent, and committed decision.

Decisions act as the source of both problems and incredible joys and opportunities. This is the power that sparks the process of turning the invisible into the visible. *True decisions are the catalyst for turning our dreams into reality.*

Will today be the day you finally decide that who you are as a person is much more than you’ve been demonstrating? Will today be the day you decide once and for all to make your life consistent with the quality of your spirit? Then start by proclaiming, *“This is who I am. This is what my life is about. And this is what I’m going to do. Nothing will stop me from achieving my destiny. I will not be denied!”*Remember, as soon as you truly commit to making something happen, the “how” will reveal itself.

Now, you might be asking yourself this question: If making decisions is so simple and powerful, then why don’t more people “Just Do It”? I think one of the simplest reasons is that,* most of us don’t recognize what it even means to make a real decision*. We don’t realize the force of change that a congruent, committed decision creates. Part of the problem is that for so long most of us have used the term “decision” so loosely that it’s come to describe something like a wish list. Instead of making decisions, we keep stating preferences. Making true decisions is cutting off any other possibility. In fact, the word “decision” comes from the Latin roots* de*, which means “from,” and *caedere*, which means “to cut.” In other words, *Making a true decision means committing to achieving a result, and then cutting yourself off from any other possibility.*

*When you truly decide you’ll never smoke cigarettes or any other habit you want to quit, that’s it. It’s over! You no longer even consider the possibility of going back to it*. If you’re one of the people who have ever exercised the power of decision this way, you know exactly what I’m talking about. An alcoholic knows that even after years of absolute sobriety, if he fools himself into thinking that he can take even one drink, he’ll have to begin all over again. After making a true decision, even a tough one, most of us feel a tremendous amount of relief. We’ve finally gotten off the fence! And we all know how great it feels to have a clear, unquestioned objective.

This kind of clarity gives you an ability that will enable you to produce the results that you really want for your life. *The challenge for most of us is that we haven’t made a decision in so long we’ve forgotten what it feels like*. We’ve got flabby decision-making muscles! Some people even have a hard time deciding what they’re going to have for dinner.

So how do we strengthen these muscles? Give them a workout! *The way to make better decisions is to make more of them.* then make sure you learn from each one, including those that don’t seem to work out in the short term: they will provide valuable distinctions to make better evaluations and therefore decisions in the future. Realize that decision making, like any skill you focus on improving, gets better the more often you do it. The more often you make decisions, the more you’ll realize that you truly are in control of your life. You’ll look forward to future challenges, and you’ll see them as an opportunity to make new distinctions and move your life to the next level.

Three decisions that you make every moment of your life control your destiny. These three decisions determine what you’ll notice, how you’ll feel, what you’ll do, and ultimately what you will contribute and who you become. If you don’t control these three decisions, you simply aren’t in control of your life. When you do control them, you begin to sculpt your experience.

The three decisions that control your destiny are:

  1. Your decisions about what to focus on.
  2. Your decisions about what things mean to you.
  3. Your decisions about what to do to create the results you desire.

You see, it’s not what’s happening to you now or what has happened in your past that determines who you become. Rather, it’s your decisions about what to focus on, what things mean to you, and what you’re going to do about them that will determine your ultimate destiny. Know that if anyone is enjoying greater success than you in any area, they’re making these three decisions differently from you in some context or situation.

It’s likely that most challenges we meet in life could have been avoided by some better decisions upstream. Because there are two types of challenges or situation that everyone meets in life:

  1. Those that are caused by the person themselves.
  2. Those that are common to every human being. 1Cor 10:13

The question now becomes; What are you going through? Could it have been caused by you? Is it a consequences of a decision that u have made in the past? Something you did or did not do?

For example, we know that it’s unhealthy to eat too much sweets and sugar but if one knowing that, keeps eating more and more sugar, ice cream, and other sugary products and in the end gets diabetes; that diabetes is as a result of his decision.

So therefore, keep in mind that the DECISIONS you make TODAY will determine how your TOMORROW will look like!!! Make good ones!!!


For further reading, get Anthony Robbins’ book:  ‘Awakening The Giant Within’; you won’t regret it. Also I’m in no way related to or advertising Anthony Robbins or anything; his book previously mentioned has greatly inspired me and I’m just sharing some of what I learned through it.


The Best Is Always Yet To Come

#9 Second Most Important Day Of Life

‘ The two most important days of your life are: 

The day you are born and The day you find out why.’


_Mark Twain


It goes without saying that one of most celebrated days of a person all over the world is their birthdays. This is a day when every person who can afford it, buys cake, candles, drinks, calls friends and families and celebrates with them.

But this quote is telling us that we ought no to be hung up only on our birthdays but also as you celebrate it, also take time to think about why. For what reason were you born? What is your destiny? The day you will be able to answer such personal and deep questions, your life will start making sense.

I personally believe that every one of the 11 billion( if my math is correct) on earth has a particular and special place that only they can fill. Nobody is born just to go with the flow and repeat what others have already done. Each one of us has something no matter how little to give to the betterment of the world. It is our duty to take time and find out our proper place and position in the society.

Today, i’m encouraging you to look deeper into yourself, discover the treasure, the gem that only you have and use it to make a difference in the world. It might take some time, effort and numerous trial and error but when you find it; your life will never be the same again. It may be singing, dancing, writting, acting, car racing, motivational speaking, teaching, whatever it may be, go for it.

The good news is that you already possess it, you already have what you need to make a difference in your generation. Believe in yourself and Refuse to die with your light unseen and un-shone because it is simply too beautiful to be hidden.

Dig deep and Find it!!!

#5 Don’t Focus Only On Your Rearview Mirror

Never be a prisoner of your past, it was just a lesson not a life sentence.”


I don’t know who wrote this one but when I saw it, it spoke to me. It’s true that one’s past has a huge influence on the present and one may say that it shapes the person you later become; but let it not be a prison. Let us not hold on to the past hurts and tragedies. It’s true it was painful, dark and traumatising but we gotta look beyond that, see it as a life lesson and move forward to the future we desire not the one we fear.

Whatever’s happened to you, don’t let it hold you down, use it as a catapult to move forward. Don’t sit in the driving seat of your life and drive looking in the rearview mirror. I have had many times in my life when I thought that it was the end, that nothing good was ever going to happen; sometimes we find ourselves in that place between a rock and a hard place and you begin to think: “this is it, this is the end” isn’t it? Here’s the good news:
“No matter the length of the night, the morning will come and the sun will rise again.”

Looking at the past as a lesson not a life sentence is how you turn your scars into stars.

Thank you!! 

How does that quote strike you!? Please do share your opinion by commenting.

Much Blessings!!

Next on Quote Dictionary: “Something We Can All Learn From”

A Journey Into One’s Heart

Greetings!! Today we gonna take a journey into our very heart to discover our character.

So buckle up, it may be a bumpy ride. Let’s start:

What do I mean by character?

  • Character simply means that which does not change.
  • Character is a commitment to a set of values without compromise
  • Character is a dedication to a set of standards without wavering because it is those very standards that will create your character. For example; if you decide to be honest, then that will be your only policy, not your best policy as some business men say but your ONLY policy because character HAS to BE CONSISTENT and unchanging.

Consider the alphabet letter, they are called characters, why?  Because they don’t change; A is still A wherever you go, in America, Europe or anywhere; same with figures, 1 is still 1 whether it is used day or night, remains the same; same with principles they also don’t change.

  • Character is self-imposed discipline for the sake of moral conviction, in other words if you have character you don’t need someone always watching over your actions, you will police yourself, you will watch over your own actions.

The question now becomes, how often do you change? Are you the same person all the time? Are you consistent? Are you predictable? Who are you when you are alone and nobody is looking?

  • Character is the result of the integration of your words, deeds, actions into one. I mean, what you say, what you do and the actions you take becoming one. One without character will say one thing, do another and promise something else. In one word, character is integrity always and in everything.

To keep your character, you gotta be willing to sacrifice. Whether it is a relationship, time, money, resources because there will always be events and circumstances and people pulling you in all kinds of directions and in such cases, it will be your character or lack thereof that will keep determine what you choose.

It is important that one has character because it is what will make people to trust you; nobody wants to be around an unpredictable, volatile person. Character is the foundation of trust, that is why the bible says Love everyone but Trust only God because men are unpredictable and not trustworthy. In other words, if what you say, do and act is not consistent, uniform, one, then how can one trust you?

How can you trust a salesman who doesn’t use the products he is selling? I was discussing with a class mate one day, i was telling him about how a person can say one thing and do another and he said to me as an answer: “ Do what I say, Not What I do” and we laughed about it but later when I got home and thought about it, I was amazed to say the least. How can one teach or say one thing and do another, and expect people to trust what he is saying? If what he is saying is not working for him or helping him then why should he teach it to others? Why should it help others? I’d think that whatever it is, if it’s something to impart to someone else for their good, you’d start by using it on yourself.

Friends, this is not what the gospel of Jesus is about. Jesus practiced what he preached, even Apostle Paul said in 1Corinthians 9:27:” But I discipline my body and bring it to subjection lest, when I have preached to others, I myself should become disqualified.” Can you see that!! So we gotta practice what we preach, what we say, otherwise we are not qualified to preach or teach anybody because we simply can’t be trusted.

Some people would gladly sell their principles, character for money, fame, popularity, or any other possession; such don’t realise that our future is dependent on our character not on our charisma, gifts, talents, beauty, speaking skills, ability to inspire people and others; in other words, our life is the weight of our character.

How stable are you?  Are you the same irrespective of the happenings around you? Are you like Job who remained righteous in riches and poverty, good health and sickness?  Job 1: 1-22

Do you have character?

I have realized that for a lot of us people, our situation is what determines our reactions and actions; sometimes even how we pray. If you are sick, your prayer becomes:’ Lord, heal me heal me’; when you are poor, your prayer becomes:” Lord bless me bless me”. Yet the bible says in all things give thanks and praise the Lord, this does not mean that you cannot ask for whatever you need or talk to God about your challenges but let that not be your focus, let that not be all that your prayer is about, let that not be the reason you are praying, because if that is the case, you will only find yourself praying only when things get tough and difficult and such is not true Christianity because Christianity is a relationship with God, in good times and hard times.

If you read Job 1: 20:” Then Job arose and tore his robe and shaved his head and he fell to the ground and worshipped

After receiving the bad news of all his possession being stolen, his children’s dying, the bible says that Job didn’t lament, he didn’t accuse God, he didn’t ask questions, he didn’t begin to see God in a bad light; he simple fell to the ground, knelled down and Worshipped.

He remained faithful to God; he remained consistent in his relationship with God. Right there you see that:” Those who bless God in their troubles and hard times prove their sonship.”

Consistency is the very character of God; you see it in Hebrews 13:8:” Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.” This right there is consistency. See also James 1:17

It is God’s consistency that qualified Him to be trusted, relied upon, and depended on. I believe that’s why even Job remained faithful because he realized that even though he lost everything, he can still TRUST God because He is consistently good, loving, compassionate, reliable and dependable. Same with Abraham, when God asked him for Isaac, the bible says he trusted that God who gave him Isaac was able to resurrect him even from the dead. Hebrews 11:17-19.

Why is character so important to God? Because character is what will make your gift or talent to work and stay. Look at David, the reason he played the harp and the evil spirit in Saul was appeased wasn’t because he was the best harp player in the whole kingdom, it was because of his good character. If you read the whole of 1 Samuel 16:14-18, you will see how they describe David’s character: prudent in matters, a man of war, intelligent and The Lord is with him!! David was chosen because of his good character.Surely the palace already had many entertainers because there were no radios, dvds and tvs and these people also knew how to play music well, probably even better than David since it was their job of everyday. As David played the harp with his hands, the sound, the note entered into him and mixed with his character and integrity and that brought about the difference from what the other musicians of the palace played; when Saul heard that melody, the evil spirit left him. Think about it, do you think that if they had given the harp to someone else to play, would have the evil spirit departed from Saul? I think not! Because it was David’s character not harp that made the difference.

Right there you can see why you can’t just listen to any music you want because if David with his good character played music and evil spirits are leaving people, what will happen if a person with a bad character plays music!? Simple, demons will enter into people. Nowadays, the devil has distracted us with artists dressed nicely, unusual hairstyles, dances and choreographies and very well lit arenas that we don’t check the character of the singers and players. Realise today that its never about the quality of the music, the lyrics or anything else that matters but the character of the singer. Who is he/she? What is his/her life away from the stage? What inspires him/her to compose songs? Never be carried away and distracted by the gift but look for the character. If the character of the singer is corrupted then even his songs and music also will be contaminated. Check not what but whose music you listen to.

Unfortunately, most people are interested in and attracted by the gifts and talents but not the character whereas it is the character behind the scenes that makes it to stay and maintains it. You gotta be able to look at both the cup and the inside of the cup, in other words before you admire someone and take them as your role model, favorite artist, best friend, mentor; don’t only consider what you can see on the outside but also look at their inner person, that is their character.  Matthew 23:25

It is not wise to choose a role model, friend, mentor, business partner even wife or husband based only on appearances, social position, size of bank account, family background, or any other consideration but consider first their fruits, their works, their track record; all that so you can know what their character is, what makes them who they are. Look for consistency.

There’s a famous saying:” Power Corrupts”, I’m sure we all have heard of it yes? But it is not entirely true because it is not really power that corrupts but power reveals corruption. How? Because the Bible says in Matthew 7: 17-19:  that a good tree brings forth good fruit and a corrupt tree brings forth evil fruit in other words, the person was already corrupt and when given power, the corruption manifested. I have had personally disapointments over disapointments  because i trusted people too fast, without waiting first to see the fruit and know what tree or what the character of the person is; and they ended up backstabbing and betraying my trust. So this is a very serious issue and I know I’m not the only victim.

After a person is dead and gone, it is their character that others will remember not necessarily their accomplishment, remember Tabitha in Acts 9:36-40.

After all is said and done, I mean at the end of the world, we will not be judged by the color of our skin, by the size of our bank accounts, but by the content of our character; Rev 3:15-16.

In a post titled: Check Up, I shared on some questions one could meditate upon and discover one’s character or state of heart. If you’re interested, you can find it here  and check yourself up so to speak.😁

Friends, let us work on our character, perfect your character, look at your life every time before you sleep and ask yourself: who am I when nobody is looking? What did I do? Why did I do that? And afterwards, work on that area the following day, improve yourself. As we do that, our life will be upward and forward; I mean we will start living a higher life with Jesus.

Let’s pray: Father in the name of Jesus, there is nothin that I can do on my own without your assistance, I ask today that you help me clean up my character. There are so many things that I have tried to hide from you and people, but nothing can be hidden from you, so many inconsistencies in my life; help me be consistent in my love for you, faithfullness to you, obedience to you. Help me to develop a holy and worthy character and give me a heart like that that was in Christ Jesus, in your precious name I pray!! Amen

God Bless You

The Best Is Always Yet To Come.✋




Check up! Whenever one feels sick or uncomfortable, they go to the doctor for a check-up; that is, to see what’s going on and to know the state of their health. And so when one gets to the doctor, the doctor will examine their symptoms, ask a bunch of questions, all with the aim of trying to find out if the patient is sick or not; if yes, what is the sickness and where it is.

There’s another side also, when one goes to the doctor regularly like once every 6 months or once a year and so on. There might not be feeling anything abnormal health wise but they go just as a way of maintaining their health and knowing how things stand. This later practice is actually advisable to all of us. We shouldn’t only go to the doctor’s office just because we are sick but we should go even when we are feeling fine, just to know how things stand and better manage our health.

That is for the body.

But what about the health of our souls? What about the inner man, how do we check up for that? Our character, how do we know if all is well or if we have to improve something? For this issue, some go to mediation classes, others take yoga, others take vacation to Hawaii (I know I’d love that too), some use music and dancing, others go to comedy nights and there’s a whole other bunch of ways men have come up with; all of this in order to heal their emotional beings, their souls. But what about those who can’t afford yoga classes, taking vacation trips, meditations, music and concerts and everything else.

All the above ways one can do, I can’t say if it works or not because I’ve never done any of them, but I wanna share with you what I do and it works for me; I can guarantee that it will work also for whoever will try it as well.

It’s found in 2Cor 13:5:” Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves. Know ye not your own selves, how that Jesus Christ is in you, except ye be reprobates?

Have you seen that? The bible here shows us a way to check ourselves up. I love this method because for one it is not expensive; because even though going to the doctor is great, you still have to pay for tests and others stuff; another reason is that as you examine yourself the God’s way, you will discover things about yourself that no machine or doctor can see or even diagnose, isn’t that awesome!!??

Sometime ago, I fell on some papers I had written for this particular task, and as I read through them, I was really humbled and I found that I was……..( oh wait, forgot to mention that the results were confidential too, between you and God.  Haha!!)

So, I wrote them down for all of y’all and I really hope that you’ll give yourself a chance and try to meditate and answer them truthfully. You don’t have to share with anyone your results but nevertheless if you find that you’re in need of a doctor who can heal you, body, soul and hearts; I’m recommending Doctor Jesus, here are his address: Acts 16:31, Rom 10: 9, Rom 10: 10….. His number can be found in His address book called ‘The Bible”; you can be assured that you will find Him therein.

Whatever results you get, Jesus loves and He is always there for you.

“For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord (His name is Jesus Christ) shall be saved”

Without further ado, Welcome to the examination room:



All questions are compulsory if you want to know the truth about yourself

There’s no time limit, you can take as long as you want,

If you have a question, answers are in the Bible, precisely Jeremiah 33:3

The questions are in a such a way that it is impossible to cheat, don’t even try


  • Love: Are you treating others with the unconditional love of God? That is, do you do for others what you would like to be done for you as well?
  • Selfishness: Putting your own needs over the needs of others. Love is concerned with the welfare of other people; are you more concerned with yourself and how you feel?
  • Stealing: Can you remember taking money or property that was not yours? Prov 28:24
  • Cheating: Did you get anything from anyone unfairly or do anything in a way in which it’s not supposed to be done?
  • Lying: Have you ever got something or done anything using any form of deception?
  • Slander: Speaking evil of someone. You do not have to lie to slander; have you spoken about others without love?
  • Immorality: Are you guilty of stirring up desires in that you could not righteously feed? Sexual vice, all impurities even against your own body? Or even in others?
  • Drunkenness: drugs, sorcery, carousing and others; did you find yourself drowning yourself in alcohol or other ungodly products and thus defiling your body which is the temple of God?
  • Hardness: Did you fight back? Murmur or return evil for evil?
  • Habits: Have you continually over indulged natural appetites? How about your eating habits?
  • Half-heartedness: Can you remember times when you deliberately shirked your full share of responsibility?
  • Hindrance: Have you destroyed another’s confidence in you by needlessly taking up their time? Have you betrayed another’s confidence in you?
  • Hypocrisy: Did the life you lived before some people make all you said of Christ and His gospel a lie?
  • Broken vows: Is there a vow you made to God or to your neighbor that you have not kept?
  • Unforgiveness: Are you holding any resentment, grudge, offense against anyone; friend or foe?
  • Foul or polluted language: Do you engage in evil words, unwholesome or worthless talk, and filthy, silly, foolish corrupt talk?
  • Envy: Behind the talk of other’s failures and faults usually lurks envy. Are you not content with what you have?
  • Ingratitude: How many times have you said: ‘Thank you God” today? Or how many times have others done things for you that you have not expressed your gratitude for? Or are not grateful for?
  • Anger: Have you been bad tempered or quick to fly off the handle and taking rash decisions because of this or that? Prov 22:24
  • Cursing: Have you used gutter language? Words you cannot repeat in front of someone you respect?
  • Needless silly talk: Talking and acting anyhow, Jests and practical jokes that tend to undermine the standard of life; have you made fun of an ethnic group or a certain part of the world, a state or region in your country? Or some politician? Ethnic and regional jokes have no place in holiness.
  • Pride of life: What part of your life do you think you can handle without God being involved (career, sleeping, walking, eating, relationship)? Are you pretending in thought or life to be more or less than you really are?

Pride is the worst of all; the Bible says God resists the proud. Therefore let’s examine ourselves in these areas:

  • Do you focus on the failures of others or are you concerned with your own sense of spiritual need?
  • Are you self-righteous and critical or compassionate and forgiving, looking for the best in others?
  • Do you look down on others or esteem all others better than yourself?
  • Are you independent and self-sufficient or dependent; recognizing your need for others in your life?
  • Must you always maintain control or do you surrender control?
  • Do you have to always prove that you are correct or are you willing to yield the right to be correct?
  • Do you have a demanding spirit or a giving spirit?
  • Do you work to maintain your image or do you die to your reputation?
  • Do you find it difficult to share your spiritual needs with others or are you willing to be open and transparent?
  • Do you try to hide your sin or are you willing to be exposed when you are wrong?
  • Do you have a hard time saying:” I was wrong, will you please forgive me?”
  • When confessing your mistake or sin, do you deal in generalities or deal in specifics?
  • Are you remorseful over your sin when you get caught or are you grieved over your mistake/ sin and quick to repent and repair?
  • When there is a misunderstanding or conflict, do you wait for others to come and ask for forgiveness or do you take the initiative?
  • Do you compare yourself with others and feel deserving of honor or do you compare yourself to the holiness of God and feel a desperate need for mercy?
  • Do you think that everyone else needs revival or do you continually sense a need for a fresh encounter with the filling of the Holy Spirit?



If you have any particular question you can leave it in a comment, I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

The Best Is Always Yet To Come.

PUSH: Make Your Dreams A Reality

Her water broke…
Clara was rolled into the theater, with her husband running behind the nurses, soaked in sweat and splatters of the broken water on his trouser, it was slimy.
“I’m sorry sir you can’t come in, her blood pressure is up and she’s almost having a panic attack, she’s gone into labor already”
“No, there’s no way! I have to be there!!!” “We’re sorry sir” they replied.
Sweat broke out across his face and it looked like he was the one with the panic attack. He loved her and would give anything to take her place in that labor room, but of course, that couldn’t happen.
Clara couldn’t take a minute more of the pain but she had insisted on pushing all the way. She was a nurse and had helped deliver countless kids. But this was even more painful than she expected. With her
legs spread out and head hurting so badly she thought she’d faint, Clara blasted into
wild tears.
“I can’t do it doc, I can’t!”
“Ma’am you have to push. The head is already out and this baby will die if you don’t!” The doctor’s voice was getting more intense and sharp.
Clara began to cry again, she had dreamt many nights about this baby, her girl, her first baby after five miscarriages.
“Doc, I’m so tired, please, I’m getting really weak”
“Get her husband in here right now”, ordered the doctor
They didn’t need to call his name a second time before Jeff came in rushing to her
side: “Baby, I’m here”
“It’s too painful!”
“I know my love, and I would give anything to do this for you, but I can’t” He began
sobbing as she screamed releasing a measure of the pain on his hands, he could bet blood wasn’t flowing in them at that moment.
“Baby, listen to me. For every child we lost, push!”
“For all the years that went by, baby push!”
“For everyone that laughed at you, push!!!”
“For the joy of having your own child, baby, pushhhh!!!!!”

And for the first time, Clara heard a cry that made her smile; it was the cry of a new born baby; Her very own.

You may be young, but you’re not young at all. You may have tried one thing or the other, or some of you may not even have a clue where to start. But there’s a hand holding you right now. Saying, you’ve wasted enough time wondering if you’re good enough, being afraid of the possibility of failure, it’s time to push. You’ve probably been a great part of someone else’s dream, you’ve helped birth other visions, that’s fantastic, but at the end of the journey, you stand alone on the finish line. So this is for you:

For everyone that talked you down,

For all the times your name was forgotten,
For the family that said they won’t support you,

For that friend that betrayed you,

For the mistakes that try to hunt you,

For every time you tried and failed,


I don’t promise that there’ll be no pain, as a matter of fact, I guarantee that you would have to cry sometimes, other times, you would want to give up, and it will look like every bone in your body is breaking into pieces, but for that dream in your heart, that change you want to make, that future you saw, IT’S TIME TO PUSH.
People can love you, encourage you, and motivate you, but when it comes down to the time to push, no two women give birth to one child. Make your pain useful, turn it into labor pain!

What‘re you gonna do?


Someone one send me that little story on whatsapp, and it made me think about that word Push and I realized that there was a particular meaning given to this word push, letter for letter, which is:

P: pray

U: until

S: something

H: happens

But, looking at it one can also put their own meaning like instead of pray, use play, panic, paint, pace, persist, persevere and many other combinations.. But the common thing there is even with the real meaning of the word “push” is that whatever you do, something will happen.

So we see that everyone has a way to get something to happen, some pray, others play, persevere, paint, panic, some even panic or pace; and others combinations one can use that start with P. The only difference will be the result, that something that will happen afterwards. Therefore, we agree that, what you do with the “P” will determine what will happen next or the results that you will get.

Putting all those metaphors and abbreviations aside, let’s consider the word push as a whole. The word push implies 4 things:

  • A reason or cause
  • Effort
  • Difficulty or resistance
  • Desired result or objective

In other words for one to push, there has to be a reason or a cause and one has to put in some effort because there is difficulty or resistance; that is it is not easy to achieve otherwise you wouldn’t have to push and all that effort will yield a result, the objective one wanted to achieve in the first place. So therefore, you cannot stop pushing until you get to your desired goal and objective; the focus, the reason of all that pushing and exerting so much effort is to achieve the goal.

Now that that’s settled, the issue now is how to make something happen! What is the best way to achieve our objective? What is the formula of success in all you do?

In order to see this clearly, I believe it is wise to look at history and learn from past experiences and accomplishments to see if there be anyone we can learn from and emulate. There is a saying that says that experience is the best teacher. But I believe that experience is a good teacher because experience will charge you too much tuition. By the time you’re done learning from experience, you’ll have no time to put in practice what you have learned.

Certainly there has been many wonderful and awesome accomplishments of men; men have made airplanes, cars, build buildings, bridges, roads, awesome gadgets, wifi, some even went to the moon, discovered galaxies, sent robots to other planets, and other accomplishments are still coming.

But the problem with learning from history is that, looking carefully around you will find that men don’t really like to learn from history.

A man will see his neighbor wallowing in his vomit because of drunkness, and he’d still go right on and get drunk.

A fellow will see his friends coming from a bad trip, and he’d go on the same trip.

You will see your neighbor stealing and getting caught and yet you’d still go out also to steal.

Men just don’t want to learn from experiences of other men. And they’re right!!

Men have certainly done great things but there’s one thing that they have all failed to conquer: Death.

All of them geniuses, inventors and great men we read about; have all died. And to me, this one thing disqualifies them from being good role model. You can use all the products and have all the surgeries you want but at the end, you’re gonna get old and die.

There’s only one man who has conquered Death and that man is JESUS CHRIST!!

The bible says, this man was extraordinary, awesome; really no words can truly describe him. In Acts 10:38:” How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power: who went about doing good and healing all that were oppressed of the devil; for God was with Him.

This man Jesus Christ did what no man had done before Him and today his record still stands. Let’s look at some of the things He did:

  • He supplies strength for the weak
  • He heals the sick
  • He cleansed the lepers
  • He delivers the captives
  • He defends the feeble
  • He serves the unfornate
  • He regard the aged
  • He walked on water
  • He rose from the grave
  • He literally flew/ ascended to heaven

I wish I could describe Him to you but He’s indescribable, He’s incomprehensible, He’s invincible, He’s irresistible, the heavens of heavens cannot contain Him, let alone a man explain Him. Once you get a hold of Him, you realise that you can’t get Him out of your mind, you can’t outlive Him and you can’t live without Him

The Pharisees couldn’t stand Him but they  found out they couldn’t stop Him, Pilate couldn’t find any fault in Him, death couldn’t handle Him and the grave couldn’t hold Him. [That’s my King by SM Lockridge]

This same Jesus is the creator of everything that we see here on earth. So therefore, I’d say that He’s more than qualified to be our role model. so, back to our topic, let’s see how He did things, how He was able to do what He did.

First thing the bible tells us is that Jesus was prayerful man. Matt 14:23, Mark 1:35, Mark 6: 46, Luc 5:16, and many other verses in the bible

This shows us that Jesus took time to pray and if you read in the bible, men that really had an impact on their generation were all prayerful men, like Elijah, Daniel, Moses, just to name a few. So prayer is very important. But is it all?  I mean do we just pray and wait for things to happen? Remember in our definition of the push, we saw that there has to be effort or work to make something happen.

The bible also tells us that apart from praying, Jesus worked. John 4:34:” … meat is to do the will of Him that sent me and to finish His work.”

John 5: 36:” But I have a greater witness than that of John: for the works which the Father has given me to finish, the same works that I do, bear witness of me that the Father has sent me.”

John 9: 4:” I must work the works of Him that sent me whilst it is day; the night cometh, when no man can work.”

See friends, Jesus was a workman, He worked the works that He was sent to do. May believers today just pray and do nothing. They think that something will happen all on its own, yet there’s no such thing. God will not do your work for you, He will only give you the strength and assistance whilst you’re doing it. God will not walk the journey for you, He will give you the strength to walk. You and I have a role to play.

That’s why this statement that PUSH simply means Pray Until Something Happens is incomplete and can never really bring about results.


Friends, this right there, is the formula of success. So apart from praying, we got work to do.

Finaly, Eph 2:10: “For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.”

That verse means that we have works, good works that God has prepared for us to do, it may be in your career, your education, your country, society, your family,whatever it is; you have work to do; a role to play!

Even the bible says in James 2:14, 17-18, 20, 24, 26, that faith without works is dead. Also remember that we pray in faith or by faith[ James 1: 5-7], and faith without works is dead meaning that prayer without works is meaningless, void, empty and often times destructive.

May the Lord Jesus who is our role model, bless you as you pray and work and may your dreams come true,

May everything that you lay your hand to do succeed because Jesus promised that He is with us always even to the ends of the earth, In the Mighty Name of Jesus, Amen!!!


Remember The Best Is Always Yet To Come!!!